Joy Fish Redi-Rigs

Redi-Rigs now available

New addition to the Joy Fish line-up this year: Redi-Rigs. Mono or stainless steel with hook or snap. Shark Leaders & Gouper Leaders.
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Nylon and Polyester Twine

See our wide variety and sizes of tiwnes of commercial and recreational application.
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Joy Fish Nylon & Poly Twines

Commercial Fishing

Lee Fisher Int'l. have been providing for the commercial fishermen around the country for decades. We supply traps, wires, webbing, ropes, floats and much more.
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We Have a Brand New Website for All Your Fishing Needs!

Visit us at www.leefisherfishing.com and find anything from nylon netting, plastic netting, high power netting, spectra netting, mono filament netting, multi-mono filament netting, long line equipment, rope, twine, floats, traps, wire mesh, fish traps, cast nets, baskets, buoy, boots, sinkers, swivel, fishing line, rods, reels, totes, rain gear, hardware and multitude of fishing accessories. All this and more at the best prices!

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