Worm Weight Sinkers

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Joy Fish Worm Weight Sinker resembles a bullet. Cylindrical in shape, they are narrower at one end and widen out at the base. The base is designed to have the "head" of your plastic bait pushed up to and against, with the majority offering a concave feature for a snug fit. The narrow end is composed of a rounded point, as this allows it to slide and fall easily through any vegetation it may come in contact with.

Perfect for rubber worms.

The deep tunnel base of these weights secure the worm nose and protect it from snags and tears.


Size (oz) Pcs per Pack Pcs per Box
1/16 16 192
1/8 13 156
3/16 10 120
1/4 8 96
3/8 6 72
1/2 4 48